From Sunday Group Rides to Gran Fondos

Coaching is an art.  It is the art of listening to athletes, understanding goals and motivations, strengths and weaknesses.  It is having the foresight to anticipate challenges and prepare athletes physically and mentally to overcome them.  Coaching is combining all available data—from power files to rider feedback—and customizing a plan that blends cycling with, well, all that other stuff people do.

Even with the perfect training plan something always comes along to disrupt the flow: travel for work, a prolonged flu, family demands.  It just happens.  It is my job to build in flexibility and get you back on track sooner, smarter.

Cycling is an endeavor where we constantly strive to achieve our potential.  Cycling is also a journey.  A very long journey.  Just as I plan on riding well into my twilight years, so I work with athletes with that big picture in mind.  Though we work hard and suffer willingly, in the end cycling must be an enjoyable, memorable adventure.