“Taught me technical ability with clarity.”

About a year ago, I decided to take a run at the World Masters Road Race Cycling Championships to be held in South Africa in 2012.  I have a strong athletic background as a former runner and had been doing quite well in timed climbs but had almost no bike racing experience.  I needed Ron’s help to pack 20 years of experience into a year. 

Ron guided me in developing a training program, race skills and technical ability with clarity, perception, and skill.  He taught me how to descend properly and took my many mistakes and  preconceptions to bring me to a point where I was comfortable racing.  I qualified for the World Masters by placing second at the US qualifier and ended up with the bronze medal in the World Masters for my age group, losing by 14 seconds to the winner from France.  There is no way I would have been anywhere near that podium without Ron’s help. 

— D.M.


"The fit made me faster.”

Hi. You did a bike fit for me last Friday. I have been meaning to tell you some good news. Two weeks before the fitting, I rode a 29 mile route in about 1:56.. averaging about 14.5 mph.. Last sat after the fit, I did the same route in around 1:36 and averaged 17.2 mph… so… thanks!  

— Laura

“I can’t wait until next summer!”

Ron Peterson has coached me since 2004. I was already riding well in time trials, but i was still VERY wet behind the ears when it came training OR racing. Criteriums were insanely fast and confusing… and road racing was a moving chess game.

Ron focused my training which I had never had as a cyclist, and being able to follow a training plan really made my life easier…We discussed my goals for the year, and then he was able to custom tailor a training plan to help me attain them.

I was already known as a strong rider, but I was never a huge threat, because I really had a hard time understanding all that is involved in a bicycle race.  There are big teams and drafting, and attacking, and counter attacking, and chasing, and blocking…  My brain struggled with the complexities within the race. Perhaps Ron’s biggest contribution to me was his knowledge of tactics and strategy. He helped me learn, even tho I am a slow learner… Now, when I line up for a race, I know how to use my strengths to my advantage. The other racers have to consider me a big threat to win…week after  week.

I have won 7 State Championships. I have won a State title in Criterium, Road Race, Time Trial, and Team Time Trial. In 2006 I won the year long SoCal Cup in the ever competitive 35+ category. (Beating out multi National Champion Rich Meeker, and multi World Champion Thurlow Rogers) I still feel like my biggest accomplishment is being three time winner of the San Dimas Stage Race. 

— Greg Leibert


Before I got fit, I was more than skeptical of the concept of a “bike fit.” I was feeling pretty comfortable and decided that there was no way in hell I’d ever shovel out money have some screws moved on my bike. I ended up having Ron fit me anyway and can honestly say that it’s worth every penny of the $200 some people would have to pay. Trust me, you’ll feel the difference right away (or in a few days) and as a bonus, get an extensive lesson on cycling biomechanics. 

Jason (USC Cycling Team)


“Ron's adjustments & efforts pay off.”

Thanks for the opportunity to work with Ron Peterson over the weekend on my bike fit. You guys run a first class operation and Ron was a pleasure to work. Now it’s up to me to make sure that all of Ron’s adjustments and efforts pay off. 

— R.H.


"Explains the biomechanics of riding.”

Ron does an excellent job fitting folks to their bikes. He takes the time to explain the biomechanics of riding and why the fit is the way it is. Over time, it eliminated the saddle soreness and the numbness experienced while riding on the bike. Apparently, you’re supposed to be able to ride without discomfort…who knew! It’s only understandable to spend the money to get the bike fit to you, if you’re going to spend any time at all riding it! If you’re not efficient (and not comfortable) on the bike, you won’t ride it as much as you should. So get the fit! It’s worth it!

— Anthony (USC Triathlon Team)


"I'm in more control of my bike.”

I’d highly recommend you do this, whether you are a serious or recreational rider. I’m pretty much a serious recreational rider J and had fits for both Alex and I performed. We are both blown away at the difference it makes. We’re both very comfortable on the bikes, have better positioning, improved our cycling and can now complete our rides without any shoulder, knee discomfort or hand tingling, etc. The $300 is money well spent for the sheer pleasure of enjoying long rides.

Neither one of us will ever make the categories, but we are riding more comfortably. I also improved my commute time by over 5 minutes without any additional effort, in fact probably put in less effort and I rode a lot ‘smoother’ without jerking my foot, which was one of the things I was doing previously.

Ron not only fits the bike to you, he’ll also give you tips on your riding position/style, etc. He explains more of the mechanics of riding and does so in language easily understood by non techies or non bike geeks like myself or to bike geeks like my husband.

Both Alex and I feel as if we have ‘new bikes’ and love riding more than we’ve ever done, which is something I really didn’t think I could do/say.

I’m climbing hills, which is something I wasn’t comfortable doing before the fit. Granted, I’m not a decent climber by any stretch of the imagination, but at least I feel better and more confident doing so; I’m in more control of my bike, rather than feeling that the bike is controlling me or I’m barely hanging on to the bike, especially when descending. I was leaning too far forward, amongst other things, so the fit really improved by positioning.

— RoseAnn


“Ron keeps it real.”

I hired Ron in February 2010. He had 7 months to convert my chubby and generally lazy, non-cyclist self into someone who could “hang” with my highly avid cycling friend, his Ironman finishing brother, and two other dudes as we all sought to ride 103 miles through North Texas in August — there’s a reason they call it the “Hotter -n- Hell 100″!  Ron also had to account for the fact that I work crazy lawyer hours and spend 20-30% of my time traveling. To call his CZ-HH100 training plan a “success” would be a gross understatement. Not only did I comfortably finish my first century ride, I also DROPPED the Ironman at mile 36, and –much to my surprise– picked up a pretty serious cycling addiction, too.

Since that first successful century ride, I have completed 3 other centuries, beat a friend up two 10,000+’ peaks in Colorado while racing a train from Durango to Silverton, rode L’Etape du California 9 months after recovering from brain surgery, and pedaled 450+ miles across Belgium and Luxembourg over a few days this past summer, including ~25 miles on the official, cordoned route for Stage 2 of the Tour de France. Oh, and I also dropped 20 or so pounds along the way, as well, even as I increased my beer, bacon, and cheese consumption!

Ron’s secret is that he keeps it real. And he tailors reality to fit each cyclist’s goals and life, which includes being a true cheerleader and champion when unforeseen problems (like brain surgery or hit-and-run drivers) crop up. He’s got my back and he helps me develop a clear moving forward view. I’m now not just a cycling addict, I’m a Ron addict. And both of these things have made me the healthiest, happiest person I have ever been. 

Cristin Zeisler


"Thanks for solving my problem.”

Over a year ago I made the mistake of going to a “former pro team guy” from the San Diego area for a bike fit and wound up with a years worth of achilles problems before realizing my bike might be causing the problem Luckily the light bulb came on and I booked an appointment to have you look at my set up.It’s been almost two months since you made the proper adjustments and I haven’t had even the slightest twinge in my achilles. I will never go anywhere else again. 

— Bill M. 


"My knees no longer hurt.”

I have a trip to France coming up. The riding will be for 11 days straight and include an enormous amount of climbing. What do you think? By the way, my knees no longer hurt on rides…the first time in years! Thanks!!!

— Renee